Kleen King Hot Exhaust Pipes Cleaner

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"You won't see my bike dirty for very long."
Roger H., San Antonio, TX

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Try this unique cleaning product, which cleans your exhaust pipes, while they are hot! Use Kleen King Hot Pipes Cleaner on motorcycle exhaust, auto exhaust, and hot engine parts. Does not remove bluing.

K.K.H.P.C. removes tar, boot marks, oil, bugs, melted-on litter, & more. Thoroughly tested and used by motorcycle enthusiasts – now on sale to the general public. K.K.H.P.C. comes in a generous 5 ¼ ounce tube for multiple applications. Manufactured especially for motorcycles and cars by Bon Ami®, the cleanser that "Hasn't Scratched Yet!"®

While exhaust pipes are HOT, squeeze product on clean heavy cotton cloth and rub metal in circular motion. Wipe clean. Non-toxic fumes. AVOID BURNS. Use caution not to touch the hot surfaces.

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